Discipline of Urology

Departmental History

The first urology department in South Africa was established in Cape Town by Dr Edward Barnard Fuller in 1924.

It took fifteen years for the faculty of Medicine in Durban to recognise the speciality of urology officially. The faculty was established in 1951 but urology first appeared in the university calendar in 1966 as ‘sub Department of Urology’. Senior lecturer, part time; H Fine MB Bch (Rand) FRCS (Edin).

Through his years of practice in Durban, S McMahon had a part time appointment as HOD at Addington hospital since 1960. The department was recognised by the SAMDC as a training facility in urology, although it was independent of the medical school.

Dr F Nel who came to Durban in 1965 obtained appointment at Addington hospital and became part time HOD in 1969 following a fellowship of 6 months in New York.

Dr F Nel relinquished the position as part time HOD of urology at Addington hospital in 1972 in favour of a new full time appointee, N Gray MB ChB (Dublin), FRCS (Edin).

In 1977 an independent department of Urology was established by the University of Natal at KEH and JH Naude appointed as professor and HOD.

Two Urologists who were born in Eastern Europe made an impact on Urology In Natal.

WW Marszalek , who was the head of the department of Urolog in Durban from 1980 to 1993 and Professor Z Bereczky who succeeded him in his position in 1995 till his retirement in 2005

Dr GM Hoosen who was the first urologist to complete his training in the department of urology at King Edward VIII hospital acted as part time head of the department after the retirement of Marszalek from September 1992 to September 1993.

After Dr Gm Hoosen, Dr Haroun Patel acted as the  head of Department  from 1993 to 1995.

Dr T Fourier, Obtained his MMed (Urol) Cum Laude in 1976 at the University of the Orange Free State, he took over the position of acting HOD of urology from 2005 to 2007, after the retirement of Professor Bereczky

Dr Fourie was appointed as the HOD from 2007 till his retirement in 2012, sadly few months before his demise.

Dr P Chetty, graduated and trained in the department of Urology in Natal, he obtained his FCUrolgy May 2003 and was appointed as the acting HOD from April 2012 till June 2013.

Dr EH Abdel Goad, Graduated from Ain Shams Medical School in Cairo in 1991 and immigrated to South Africa in 1993, Took over the position as the acting Head of the department in July 2013.